The Filipino Name Masla

Masla is a surname. It occurs more frequently in The Philippines than any other country or territory. It may also be a given name. Masla tea is a type of black tea that includes spices such as green cardamom, cloves and cinnamon. It is usually simmered for a long time to produce a strong and rich flavor.


The meaning of the name Masla is “botheration, box, complication, crunch, dilemma and predicament.” People with this name have a natural ability to lead others. They have a strong sense of independence and individuality that sets them apart from the pack. These individuals are also driven by a need to push boundaries and challenge the status quo. They are a force to be reckoned with, and those with this name should trust their instincts and follow their passions.

The length of the name Masla is 2 vowels and 5 consonants. The name Masla has the numerology number 1 and the destiny number 1. Its inner dream is 1, personality is 8, heart’s desire is 2, soul urging is 7 and personality number is 7. There are many words that have similar meanings to this one, like Botheration, Box, Complication, Count, Dilemma, Crunch, Doubt, Headache and Mess.


The origin of Masla is not clear, but it may have been derived from the Arabic word for “sacrifice.” The word is also used as a synonym for blasphemy. Those who are named Masla often feel that they must devote themselves completely to something or someone, and their desire for peace and harmony leads them to seek out relationships. They tend to be sentimental and can be easily moved by their emotions. They love friends and society, and appreciate the refinements of life. Those who are named Masla have the potential to create a life filled with love and comfort, but they must surround themselves with positivity and pursue their passions in order to achieve success.

As a girl name, Masla is often a sign of affection, and it may symbolize a loving motherly figure to the child’s family. It is a popular name among Muslim parents. In The Philippines, the Masla name is concentrated in the Soccsksargen region and Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao provinces. The name is also common in Vietnam and Indonesia.

The numerology number for this name is 1. This number indicates that these individuals are natural born leaders who possess a fierce independence and individuality that sets them apart from the rest of the population. They are also highly ambitious, and they have a drive that is unrivaled by any other. They should trust their instincts and not let the opinions of others hold them back from achieving their goals. They should also avoid putting too much pressure on themselves, as this can lead to stress and depression. The number 1 also suggests that these individuals should seek out new opportunities and shift their focus from negativity to positive energy.


The masla is an Indian dish, consisting of a large stuffed crepe (called a roti) with a variety of fillings, such as potatoes and/or lamb or shrimp curry. The masla is typically garnished with cilantro and onions. It is often served with a tomato and cucumber salad on the side. It is also sometimes sprinkled with garam masala, a mixture of spices that includes coriander seeds, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, black peppercorns and nutmeg.

The name Masla means consolation, comfort. People with this name are very sensitive and emotional, and can become sentimental easily. They appreciate the refinements of life and are likely to be interested in artistic or cultural pursuits. These individuals need a lot of social interaction and tend to be devoted friends and family members.


The numerology number for Masla is 1. This number indicates that those with this name have the ability to become self-reliant leaders. They have a natural confidence and authority that can inspire others to follow their lead. These individuals are powerful and imposing, but beneath their intimidating persona lies a compassionate and giving heart. They are also incredibly ambitious, and they are always seeking new challenges to take on.