Servleader Home Security Review

Home security has come a long way from simple alarm systems and traditional locks. Today, it’s integrated with smart devices like smart thermostats and lighting systems to make your house look occupied even when you’re away. Servleader offers affordable solutions, making sure that dependable security is within reach for every homeowner. They also recognize that security requirements may change, so they provide customization and upgrade options to accommodate these changes.

24/7 Monitoring

With a home security system from Servleader, you can rest assured that your house and family are protected round-the-clock. Using a robust system of sensors and cameras, they constantly scan for any signs of trouble, sending alerts straight to your phone or other device as soon as anything is spotted. They also provide 24/7 professional monitoring, meaning they’ll send the authorities to your house as soon as a break-in is suspected, even when you aren’t there. Servleader offers affordable home security solutions that are accessible to all homeowners. Their user-friendly interfaces, mobile apps, and online portal make it easy to navigate your home security features from anywhere. Their responsive customer support is always ready to assist with any questions or concerns you may have. They also roll out regular software updates to fortify your home against emerging threats.

Their home security services can be paired with other smart home devices to create a seamless living experience. From bright lights and thermostats to voice assistants, they can all be integrated into a single app so that you can control them all with the press of a button or your own voice. The peace of mind that comes from knowing your property and family are protected is well worth the cost, especially considering how quickly break-ins occur in the U.S. While there are many national companies that offer DIY systems, they typically require you to pay for professional installation and then charge monthly fees for their monitoring service. Servleader offers free professional installation and lower monthly fees, making it an affordable option for those wanting to protect their homes with cutting-edge technology.

Local companies are also able to offer better customer support and understand the unique security needs of their community. Servleader is committed to local neighborhoods, and their close connections with the community ensure they’re always aware of any trends in local crime and have the fastest response times in the event of an emergency. This is an added level of security and peace of mind that you can’t get with a big, national company.

Customizable Security Modes

Servleader is one of the leading providers of home security systems in Pasadena, with a long-standing commitment to innovation and protection for homeowners. Their advanced systems use smart sensors and surveillance cameras to deter break-ins and other security threats, and they offer round-the-clock monitoring to ensure that your property is always protected. Their user-friendly interface and responsive customer support help them achieve high levels of homeowner satisfaction, and they provide cost-effective packages that fit a variety of budgets. Among the most important features of any modern home security system is video surveillance, which helps to deter crime by deterring criminals and identifying potential suspects. Servleader’s state-of-the-art security systems include night vision and HD cameras that capture crystal-clear footage day or night, and they also allow for remote monitoring via a mobile app. Moreover, they can connect to local emergency response services, so that you can get the assistance you need in case of a medical or fire emergency.

Security sensors detect movement on the property and send real-time alerts to your smartphone or other connected devices. Whether the alert is an intruder or a smoke detector going off, the system will notify you of any incidents on your property and can trigger an automated call to emergency response services. This can significantly improve your home’s safety and peace of mind, especially if you live alone or have elderly family members living in the house.

In addition to enhancing your home’s security, a good security system can also reduce your insurance premiums. Many insurance companies offer discounts for homeowners who have a security system installed in their house, which can more than offset the initial cost of the system. Fortunately, Servleader offers affordable packages that make advanced home security available to all homeowners. Besides installing home security systems, Locksmith Pasadena can also help you secure your new home by rekeying locks, so that existing keys are rendered useless. This service is an essential investment if you’re moving into a new home, as it can prevent other people from having access to your belongings.

Compatible With Other Smart Home Devices

The list of smart home devices continues to grow, and Servleader integrates with most of them to give you a connected living experience. With compatibility for thermostats, lights, and security cameras, you can manage your entire system through a single app or voice commands. The Servleader system also uses motion sensors that monitor movement around your property, which helps deter intruders and capture any suspicious activity. The company also offers high-definition security cameras with real-time video feeds, making it easy to keep an eye on your home from anywhere. You can even use the camera to grant access to guests or service personnel if needed.

Servleader’s round-the-clock monitoring provides an extra layer of security for your home and family. This feature ensures that you receive instant alerts if an intrusion or other unusual activity is detected. It also lets you know if your alarm is activated, allowing you to respond promptly if needed. This peace of mind is important, especially if you live away from your home for long periods. Aside from the 24/7 monitoring, Servleader’s systems provide other key features that make them stand out from their competitors. These include a wide range of sensor options, mobile integration with smart home devices, and advanced artificial intelligence to analyze surveillance footage. This helps the system distinguish between a potential intruder and a harmless neighborhood cat, thus reducing false alarms.

The Servleader system also works well with other smart home devices, such as voice assistants and smart locks. This gives you a full home automation experience without paying for a separate hub or subscription. You can control your alarm system using a single app or voice commands, and you can even set up your security cameras to send video alerts to your phone when they detect movements. Moreover, many homeowners insurance providers offer discounts for homes equipped with a home security system. While Servleader’s services and technology may seem expensive, they are a worthwhile investment for anyone who wants to safeguard their home and loved ones. The system is affordable and has 24/7 monitoring, helping you to avoid costly damages and keep your family safe.


Home security systems are available in a range of prices and features. Some are more expensive than others, but many offer competitive pricing that ensures reliable security is accessible to all. Many companies also offer packages and bundles that save you money compared to purchasing equipment and services a la carte. If you are a new homeowner, look for a company that offers free equipment with a contract or a trial period. This will give you the opportunity to test out your system before making a commitment. If you are not happy with your purchase, you can return it within a certain amount of time. You can also shop around for promotions, as most affordable home security systems are in competition with each other to attract new customers.

Most affordable home security systems are wireless and require minimal installation. This is an advantage for those who want to get their systems up and running as soon as possible. In addition, many of these systems will offer a mobile app for home management, allowing you to control your system remotely. You can use the app to arm or disarm your system, check live camera feeds, receive alerts, and more. A few home security systems may be hardwired, but they typically come with a higher price tag and more complicated installation. Additionally, you will likely need to pay for a professional to install the system, which will add to your overall costs. Some companies will include this cost in the price of the system, while others will have you pay a fee for installation and then charge you a monthly monitoring rate on top of it.


Some budget-friendly options include Abode and SimpliSafe. These systems are known for their low upfront prices, and they allow you to build out your home security and automation ecosystem with the equipment you need all at once or piece by piece. You can also choose a plan with or without 24/7 monitoring. You can also opt for a self-install option with these systems, which will lower your upfront costs even more. These systems are also portable, so you can take them with you if you move to a different home or apartment.