Indulge In VIP Luxury: Unforgettable Red Carpet Bottle Service In Las Vegas

Indulge In VIP Luxury: Unforgettable Red Carpet Bottle Service In Las Vegas

Bottle service at a Las Vegas club allows you and your friends to enjoy private VIP table access without having to deal with the massive general admission crowds. It also includes a variety of bottles, mixers and a dedicated server/wait staff. Always be respectful to your waitress and busser as they will make your night much better! Be sure to tip them well.

What Is Included?

When you reserve bottle service at a Las Vegas club you get reserved seating at a VIP table, your selection of bottles, and mixers. You also get a private area away from the dance floor, a security guard for your area, and a dedicated server and wait staff. This is the true VIP experience! When you arrive at the venue your Red Carpet VIP host will meet you prior to entry so they can walk you right in. This allows you to skip the general admission lines and party more!

When you have bottle service at a club you will be noticed, your friends will look up to you, and it will make for a night you will never forget. Whether you are celebrating a bachelor party, birthday, hen or stag party or just in town for a weekend bottle service will elevate your entire Vegas experience. It will be a night everyone talks about for months to come.

What Is The Minimum Spend?

If you are looking for Red Carpet Vegas bottle service in the most popular nightclubs or dayclubs in Las Vegas, be prepared to spend at least a certain amount. Tables (dance floor booth or daybed) are provided complimentary for agreeing to the minimum spending requirement, so feel free to order any items on the menu that you want and they will count towards your total.

Costs can vary depending on the venue you choose and the type of nightclub or dayclub it is. The nicer clubs with more famous talent will usually have higher prices than smaller venues. Table location also plays a factor in pricing; tables closer to the DJ or stage will be more expensive than those in a second room or on another floor. A club may also charge a venue fee, tax and gratuity in addition to the minimum spend. Be sure to add these extra expenses to any price quotes you receive when comparing options.

How Does Payment Work With Red Carpet?

There are several factors that influence the cost of bottle service. One of the most important is the popularity of the venue. If a club is new and trendy or in a prime location it will be in high demand and may have a higher cost than a more established nightclub or lounge. Bottle service pricing also varies based on the size of your party. Other expenses include tax, gratuity and Live Entertainment Tax depending on the club and special event. We will provide you with your total prior to arrival so there are no surprises.

Red Carpet VIP provides VIP table bottle service at Las Vegas nightclubs and pool parties. We can plan your bachelor or bachelorette party, birthday, anniversary or any other celebration. Our services include expedited VIP entry, a dedicated host to walk you into the club and your private VIP table, a selection of bottles with mixers, a personal bottle server and security guard to ensure your evening is an incredible experience.

How Do I Book A Table?

When you book bottle service with Red Carpet VIP, our dedicated VIP host will take care of everything, guaranteeing a smooth and enjoyable experience. They will help you select a table, order your bottles and mixers, and then make sure your table is ready for your arrival. They will also escort you right into the club without waiting in general admission and make sure your bottle is queued up at the bar.

The cost of bottle service will vary depending on the venue, date, and size of your group. It will also be higher during holidays and special events. Red Carpet VIP will always provide you with a full breakdown of expenses prior to your night out so there are no surprises.

Final Thought

Red Carpet VIP provides VIP tables and bottle service at Las Vegas’ top nightclubs & dayclubs including Marquee, XS, Hakkasan, Encore Beach Club, Light and Wet Republic. We specialize in planning bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, birthday parties, anniversaries and more.