France enacts new regulations: clear guidelines for agricultural PV projects

The French government today announced the publication of the highly anticipated Decree No. 2024-318 in the official gazette, providing clear guidelines for the installation of solar panels in agricultural, natural, or forested areas. This legislation underscores France’s commitment to renewable energy and provides a framework for the development of agricultural PV projects.

According to the new regulations, agricultural PV facilities must adhere to a series of conditions to ensure the protection of soil potential and agricultural yields. This includes ensuring that these facilities do not have a negative impact on soil potential and that agricultural yield losses do not exceed 10%.

Furthermore, the decree specifies the location and coverage area requirements for agricultural PV projects. Agricultural PV facilities cannot cover more than 40% of the surface area of agricultural plots and must ensure that agricultural production yields reach at least 90% of the specified control zone per hectare.

The legislation also emphasizes the importance of utilizing agricultural land that has been unused for over five years for agricultural or livestock activities. Facilities that facilitate the restoration of agricultural or livestock activities on such unused land will contribute to improving soil agricultural potential.

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