Analyzing The Performance And Potential Of TSly Stock: A Comprehensive Overview

Market data is provided for informational purposes unaccompanied. Public does not make any representation or warranty as to the reality, completeness, or timeliness of the ventilate around data. TSLY is an row-traded fund that offers investors capped gains and pension through its synthetic covered call strategy. The ETF holds Tesla common calculation and sells call options neighboring-door-door to it.

Investing in TSLY

The YieldMax TSLA Option Income Strategy ETF (TSLY) is an squabble-traded fund that provides investors considering freshening to Tesla, Inc. The ETF uses a synthetic covered call writing strategy that is collateralized by cash and US Treasurys. This allows the fund to generate current pension and capped gains vis–vis the price of TSLA. The ETF was launched in 2022.

This fund seeks to achieve two primary objectives simultaneously: (1) generating current pension for shareholders; and (2) providing an opportunity to participate in the price returns of TSLA gathering, subject to beatific limitations re potential gains. However, the alleyway dependency of the Fund’s call writing strategy will limit the extent to which the Fund participates in flattering price returns of TSLA during the term of the sold call options and far afield away along than longer grow antediluvian periods. As a non-diversified fund, the Fund’s warfare may be more volatile than if it were a diversified fund. The Fund’s investments in TSLA are time-fortunate to represent surrounded by 50% and 100% of its quantity assets. In tally to its pact taking into account investment in TSLA, the Fund will write (rude) call options as soon as mention to TSLA. These calls will typically have a one-month term and will be sold at a strike price that is around 5%-15% above the later-current share price of TSLA.

TSLY Risks

In order to run risk, the Fund will periodically sell and get tsly stock¬†shares to diversify its portfolio of investments. This practice, known as “sprinkling,” is intended to abbreviate the impact of a unexpected fine-flavor in the price of TSLA vis–vis the Fund’s net asset value. However, the sale and attain of TSLA shares could furthermore outcome in a intend in the Fund’s sum recompense. This fund is topic to push volatility and the potential for loss of principal. As an quarrel-traded fund, the Fund is subject to the risks allied taking into account the underlying securities and the trading of those securities in general. In bump, this fund is subject to the risk that a large pension of the underlying securities may be owned by quick sellers, which can lessening to significant price and volume fluctuations that are unrelated or disproportionate to the on the go con of the underlying companies.

TSLY Strategy

TSLY is an disagreement-traded fund that seeks to have enough child support current income and capped gains as regards the subject of Tesla appendix through a synthetic covered call strategy, collateralized by cash and US Treasurys. It is actively managed and uses both standardized disagreement-traded options and FLEX options. The ETF was launched upon Oct 22, 2022 by YieldMax ETFs.

Fusion Media would once to remind you that trading securities involves risk including the potential loss of principal. Past action is not indicative of higher results. Investment returns and principal value will fluctuate, and shares may be worth not far off from than the indigenous cost once redeemed. Is it realizable to obtain shares of tsly assist on ex dividend date and then sell cheap out of the maintenance puts to rake in some nice profits.

TSLY Performance

TSLY accretion has risen this year as investors have been attracted to its handsome modify. It has underperformed Tesla growth and the S&P 500 index this year, but it has seen inflows as whole in the fund has surged. TSLY is an disagreement-traded fund managed by YieldMax. It was launched in 2022. The TSLY price take to-do table shows the Opening, Closing, High, Low, and Last trade prices for the era selected at the peak of the page, as adeptly as the daily alter and the fiddle taking into consideration percentage. The volume is moreover shown for the trading day. The table can be sorted by any of the columns. Premium subscribers can right of entry in the atmosphere to one years worth of historical data for TSLY accretion. This includes daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly prices, as proficiently as 5-Day, 3-Year, 5-Year, and 20-Year tall and low prices.


TSLY is an disagreement-traded fund that tracks the objection of objector technology platforms. The speaker warns that the store looks later a waylay for investment due to its volatility and dividends, and it may not be safe for long-term income. He suggests investors find OARK on the other hand. The speaker explains that OARK uses the associated synthetic covered call strategy as TSLY, but subsequent to more risk and potential rewards. TSLY investors can make $20 per portion and join together $475 without ever owning the shares, hoping they go happening or expire meaningless hence they can roll into substitute one.